5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional WordPress Developer

Websites – most companies have one. But how companies actually have the time (or needed staff) to keep their websites up-to-date with the latest content updates, safe from potential security risks, and all while making sure that it’s converting potential visitors. The answer? Not many.

So what happens when your site isn’t as strong or stylish as it used to be?

You or your team might consider a redesign. But maybe you don’t have the extra hours to invest in upgrading your site and you’re not even sure where to start.

That’s where a professional web developer can help and we’re going to share with you why hiring a professional is the best (and easiest) option for you and your website.

#1 Experience

Hiring a professional WordPress web developer gives you peace-of-mind knowing you are working with an expert who has multiple years of experience creating websites, and usually for companies of all types & sizes.

They work with WordPress and other development tools on a daily basis, so they’ve seen just about every issue that might pop up and know how to troubleshoot it.  They also tend to have vast experience with WordPress maintenance and updates which is an absolute necessity when it comes to website security and performance.

This alone gives them an advantage when it comes to timeliness. With their knowledge and skills they are able to create or upgrade a website in a fraction of the time as someone on your team who might “just know enough to be dangerous” – a phrase that can really put your website in jeopardy.

#2 Tools and Resources

A qualified WordPress developer will have connections to a larger pool of tools and resources than any DIY-er. Some of these tools might only be available to established developers or development agencies. This allows them to take advantage of technology that might not be accessible or understandable to a DIY-er.

An established WordPress developer also knows which WordPress plugins are solid, and which ones might be untested or unsupported. Basing your website on an untested/unsupported plugin can be a huge misstep which will end up costing you in the end.

#3 Quality and Credibility

Working with a professional WordPress developer also brings a certain level of credibility to you and your business.

This means you are able to show potential clients a quality website – one that communicates you’re willing to invest in every detail of your company. For many businesses, your website acts as the FIRST TOUCHPOINT or introduction to your company. This will immediately communicate the level of service or quality of product your website visitors/potential clients will get from you.

#4 Mobile Compatibility

Most internet users, (over 90% according to Statista,) are using smartphones and tablets to search the internet. So, as you probably already know, it’s extremely important that your site has a great mobile experience. If the viewer doesn’t enjoy the mobile experience they’re less likely to stay on the site and more likely to visit a competitor’s site which has a better mobile experience.

#5 New and Changing Technologies

Touching back on resources, a professional web developer will have more knowledge and access to the most current technologies. This is important because they have the means to future-proof your site, ensuring that it’s modern and less likely to depreciate over the next few years.

Staying aware and educated on the latest technology allows them to keep your website running at its best possible speeds while keeping any security risks or malicious activity at bay!

These are just a few of the reasons why hiring a professional WordPress web developer is so important to your website and business.

It might seem like a big investment, but in the words of Paul Cookson, “A website promotes you 24/7: No employee will do that.” Investing in your website is really investing in your future success!