Website Hosting

We are proud to offer (and recommend)
hosting through our WPEngine server.

WPEngine is a WordPress-specific hosting platform with outstanding security, reliability and speed

$89.00 per month

More About Our Hosting/Maintenance Package

Included in our hosting package are quarterly updates to the WordPress software and plugins. It is important that we perform these updates to keep your site secure and running smoothly.

Before we perform these updates each quarter, we back up/stage your website and thoroughly test the updates before launching them into the live hosting environment.

While hosting with us, if at any point you would like to move your website to a new server/hosting environment, we will be happy to assist to ensure a smooth transition.

Included with your hosting account:

  • One-click website backup and/or restore (up to 30 days in the past)
  • Easily create a staging environment for your website as we roll out new features
  • Integrated SSL certificate (so the site runs from https:// – this provides more security and SEO strength)
  • Integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will help serve files faster and increase site speed.
  • Integrated Site Caching (for faster download speeds)