Should I Use a Rotator for Testimonials on my Website?

Are rotators or carousels on a website useless? Simple answer – yes and no. Like most things in life, it’s not that easy.

Just to clarify – a “rotator” is simply an animated element on a website that “rotates” messages and/or imagery one one area of the site. You usually see these in the main area of the homepage (we call it the “hero” area,) we have have a rotator our “hero” area of our site.

When it comes to main messaging on your website – especially the “hero” area there are different opinions about the use of a rotator. Including:

  1. Anti-rotator folks say: Most users will not get through the first “slide” of a rotator and will miss importantant main messages (if outside of the first slide)
  2. Pro-rotator folks say: Rotators add life to a homepage and provide some cool interactivity.

I agree with both statements BUT I have a rotator on my hero area.

Personally, I think a rotator can add some life/movement to your website. It’s kind of like having ceiling fans in restaurants which are always on – it can make an uncrowded restaurant or space look more alive. If you have ever wondered why most restaurants have ceiling fans that are always on (even in the dead of winter) that’s why.

a rotator can add some life/movement to your website

However, I wanted to talk about using rotators specifically in a “Testimonials” section of your website.

Recently, I was having a project kickoff meeting with a client and we talked about the benefits / drawbacks of a “rotator” for their testimonials.

When it comes to your Testimonials section, I think rotators ARE 100% effective.

The reason I say this is that we are not dealing with main messages (as on the hero area of the website) where you are relying on the user to read all of the messages (which could contain critical information about you or your company.)

When it comes to your Testimonials section, I think rotators ARE 100% effective.

Here is how I see it… When a user gets to the testimonials area, they will see at least one testimonial (which is powerful in itself) BUT when they see that there are 3, 5, or 10 more (behind the first testimonial) it’s is even MORE POWERFUL – then they can choose whether to read more of them or move on.

But just knowing there are more testimonials behind the first one (in a rotator) is communicating that you know what you are doing. This provides valuable “social proof” to potential customers and can heavily influence their decision to buy your product or service.

Have an opinion on using rotators and/or testimonials? We would love to hear it – feel free to start or join the conversation below!

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